Durotek Simulation Training & Reflex Shooting System(DuroSTARS)

Durotek Solutions provide industry leading hardware and software solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals. The systems provide comprehensive skills application and development in classroom. The content created specifically for this system, provide real world feel to training.

System Capabilities

DuroSTARS is an algorithm driven programmed software that will delivers proper bullet performance under any conditions, which provides a turn-key interactive use-of-force judgment and firearms simulation system that allows for total training customisation, for individual and team training. The system interacts with firearms, impact weapons and non-lethal options. The system includes virtual marksmanship training, CGI and video based scenarios, with customisable targets, scenes and scoring zones. Also includes ability to maintain database of students and their information. Any firing range or course of fire can be recreated, including an users’ current range facility and specific qualification courses. For long range shooting, the instructor can program specific distances, elevations, angles, humidity, wind speed and direction, and other variables along with bullet type and firearm.

Salient Features of Our System

  • Non-tethered
  • Multi-Lane upto 12 firers
  • Aim Trace
  • Realistic Recoil Effect
  • Realistic Visuals and Sound Effect
  • Picture-In-Picture
  • Laser Operated Vest
  • Laser Based Return Fire System
  • Non-Lethal Weapon Options (Taser, Baton, Pepper Spray)
  • CGI and video based scenario builder
  • Room Intervention Scenarios