Electronic Marker Systems

DUROdisk Markers are used to electronically mark underground utilities to prevent accidental damage or incidental contact and facilitate easy location and service of vital underground assets.

DUROdisk Markers are primarily suitable for direct burial over the utility to be marked up to a depth of 5’(1.5m). The marker can be accurately detected even if level of marker is 60o offset with respect to ground level.

DUROdisk Markers can be rigidly screwed on to the inner side of all standard non-metallic manhole covers using provided integral mounting tabs or by using the optional hole location provided in the centre of the marker casing. Each without requiring any additional brackets & their associated costs.

DUROdisk Markers are available for marking all standard utilities & are compatible with industry standard marker locators.


Hermetically fused rugged HDPE casing. Provides high ingress protection to IEC IP68. Superior impact resistance rating IEC IK09 (10 Joules) tested at

Frequency and color to match specific utility
Completely passive product with long service life
Locating and Service of:

  • Vital underground utilities
  • Marking buried structures, splices
  • Locating buried pipe joints, service points and drops
  • Cable paths, fiber optic installations

Standard RFID tag available on request

Technical Details

Technical Details:

Marker Type: Round disk
Diameter: 5.25” (133 mm)
Thickness: 0.65” (16.5mm)
Detection Range: 5 feet (1.5m)
Frequency: Based on application.

Standard Packaging

Standard Packaging:

Carton Size Inch (L X W x H) (mm) Qty. Per Carton Weight Lbs (kgs)
5.7 x 5.7 x 7.5 (145 x 145 x 190) 10 2.64
11.8 x 11.8 x 7.9 (300 x 300 x 200) 40 11.55
Ordering information

Ordering information

Color Utility Frequency (KHz) Part Number
Red Power 169.80 PWR 100
Blue Portable Water 145.70 WAT 200
Green Waste Water 121.60 SWG 300
Orange Telephone 101.40 TEL 400
Yellow Gas 83.00 GAS 500
Orange/Black CATV 77.00 CTV 600
Orange/Black CATV 77.00 CTV 600
Purple General Purpose 66.35 GEN 700
Technical Specifications


DUROdisk Markers are comprised of DUROcoil – a precision tuned passive circuit positioned and fused between two High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) casings. The fused HDPE casing provides superior hermetically water tight and dust tight seal that is both impact and puncture resistant when buried underground to a depth of 5’ (1.5M) over the utility to be marked. All impact and ingress protection properties have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The HDPE casing is color coded with molded in identification indicating frequency and utility type.



Detection Field: Dipole
Detection Range: up to 5’ (1.5 M)

Dimensions / Fixing Arrangement

Dimensions / Fixing Arrangement:

Case Diameter: 5.25” (133mm)
External Mounting: (2) 1/8” dia. (3.14mm) mounting hole/tabs
Optional Mounting: (1) 1/8 “ dia (3.14mm) at the center of casing on request, for direct flush mounting on inside of utility non-metallic manhole cover or can be field drilled on site as required.
Water resistance

Water resistance

Water Ingress protection: i) Housing- Welded, hermetically sealed/water tight & pressure tested to 1 bar
ii) Ingress Protection per IEC 60529 IP68, tested at UL Underwriters Laboratories
iii) Immersion water test for 30 days, Pass
Thermal Shock: Conditioning at -5o C for 2 hours and immediate immersion in boiling water (95o C / 203o F) for 10 minutes (constitute 1 cycle). No stress cracking or ingress failure, Pass 3 Cycles
Water absorption: < 0.5%, as per ASTM D570


Compression Test Withstand load > 1000 kgs (10,000 N) over the marker disk & deflection <0.25” (6mm) – No cracking or structural failure
Crush Strength Withstand >30 Kg (300 N) applied load with a 0.187” point (4.75mm) radius & deflection <0.25” (6mm) – No cracking or structural failure Withstand >300 kg (3000 N) uniformly distributed load with 1.5” (40mm) aggregate – No cracking or structural failure
Puncture Resistance Withstand >20 Kg (200 N) force applied with a 1/64” point (0.4mm) radius & deflection < 0.25 " (6mm) – No cracking or structural failure
Impact Resistance Withstand 20 foot (6m) drop on concrete – No cracking or structural failure Impact Protection as per IEC 62262:2002 & 60068-2-75:1997 to IK09 (10 Joules) tested at UL Underwriters Laboratories


HDPE is a proven material for underground burial applications and has good resistance to non-oxidizing acids, alkalis and solvents like diesel fuel, gasoline, alcohol and motor oil.

Outdoor Exposure

Outdoor Exposure

U V resistance (as per ASTM G154).
Withstand 1-year direct sunlight exposure simulated storage with no
degradation of material physical properties.



Operating conditions: -30o C (-86 o F) to +65 o C (149 o F)
Storage conditions: -30 o C (-86 o F) to +70 o C (158 o F)

  • All tests derived from industry actual usage needs and derived from Bell Core and other documents that apply to buried enclosures/components made of HDPE.
  • All tests derived from industry actual usage needs and derived from Bell Core and other documents that apply to buried enclosures/components made of HDPE.
  • All tests done at room temperature unless otherwise specified.
  • Criteria for Pass/withstand, when signal detection Db has no change before and after tests.
  • * IP68 & IK09 tested at All other tests performed at recognized laboratories & Durotek Labs