Fire Arm Training Simulator

Fire Arm Training Simulator

Durotek Solutions has partnered with Ti Training, USA to provide industry leading hardware and software solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals. The systems provide comprehensive skills application and development in classroom. The content created specifically for this system, provide real world feel to training.

Products Provided

  • Training Lab: This is a “Turn-Key” interactive use-of-force judgment and firearms simulation system that allows for total training customization. The system interacts with firearms, impact weapons, chemical sprays, and tasers, and can recognize 6 separate weapons simultaneously
  • Training Room : This tool enables the instructor to interact with the students to provide real-time feedback through means of a keypad interface. Any PowerPoint presentation can be loaded into the software and the keypads allow for either anonymous or individual testing, polling or instructor feedback.
  • Ultra World: Multi-room simulation experience that is completely customizable. The Ultra World is a fabricated architectural structure that has four different configuration options and incorporates four separate projected surfaces (combined in one room or spread into separate rooms) powered by one computer source. This allows for the trainees to move through the environment and the projected scenario evolves and changes as they interact with the situation. Ideal for individual and team training.
    With Ultra World, each training cycle can be customized to the training need, from the room layouts to the scenarios projected on the walls. For each training cycle, the configuration can be changed by unsnapping the connectors and moving the panels.
  • Firing Line : Virtual Marksmanship Training ; with customizable targets, scoring zones. Also includes ability to maintain database of students and their information. Any firing range or course of fire can be recreated in Firing Line, including an agency’s current range facility and specific qualification courses. For long range shooting, the instructor can program specific distances, elevations, angles, humidity, wind speed and direction, and other variables along with bullet type and firearm. Algorithms programed into the Firing Line software will deliver proper bullet performance under any conditions.
  • Taser Trainer: Complete taser training modules with X-26 Taser, X-26P Taser, and X-2 Laser cartridge. The exclusive design of the TASER X2 Laser includes the realistic full functionality of a live TASER X2 including ARC switch. The scenarios have been reinvented to include re-energizing branches, which focuses on the X2capabilities. Ti Training has an exclusive agreement with TASER International to provide all user course materials and courses of fire for all TASER weapons. The TASER Trainer can be a standalone system or integrated into the Training Lab

The System can be provide in two setups

  • Lab Setup – with desktop PC configuration
  • Mobile Setup – with Laptop PC Configuration

Salient Features of Our System

  • Non-Tethered System – Allows the user to move around the room to provide realistic training environment. Improves tactical co-ordination, communication and allows law enforcement personnel to effectively implement procedures
  • Minimal Modification of Weapon: From laser fire weapon to live weapon conversion and vice-versa in under 5 minutes.
  • Recoil kits available – CO2 filled that are either non-refillable and refillable
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance of System
  • Low Light Training Module
  • Aim Trace Laser : Use of aim trace laser during training session, to detect weapon motion
  • Picture-In-Picture Module : A big bonus is to see the training session from the eye of the projection, providing realistic training
  • Laser Operated Vests : Vests can be provided to the student that can be triggered either remotely by the instructor or by another student to provide realistic training.
  • Low Cost of Procurement
  • High Availability of System with very low downtime
  • Very minimal maintenance requirements
  • Very intuitive and easy to learn user interface